Millenium Energy Company is an industry expert offering energy efficiency consulting services. We analyze all of the strategies available to maximize benefit for each of our clients.

This is essential since all building systems are interrelated and have a collective effect on energy consumption and energy cost. The cumulative effect of utility rebates and discounts where available, utility rate savings, cost savings due to reduced energy use, and maintenance savings can be surprisingly large and create non-budget capital that can offset all energy project costs and even produce a positive cash flow as soon as the project is completed.

Conserve energy
Reduce cost
Improve systems
Create capital

Energy projects reduce cost, increase value, and provide better comfort and enhanced building environments through improvements in mechanical systems, lighting, and temperature controls.

Energy savings can be in the 35% to 40% range and actual cost reduction can reach 45% to 50%. These projects can create new, non-budget capital that can pay for infrastructure improvements and result in more general budget dollars being used for educational programs.

Energy conservation also helps to reduce a facility’s “environmental footprint” by reducing the amount of energy necessary to sustain building energy consuming systems:

• Reducing the carbon emissions resulting from electric generation

• Reducing the fuel burned to heat the building