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A specialized sensor array in the Foss/Virskus mass flow meter converts mass flow into an electronic signal to determine the velocity of the fluid in the pipe.

Patent Awarded for Entirely New Concept in Fluid Mass Flow Metering

Vytau K. Virskus of Millenium Energy Company and Dr. John Foss, professor emeritus of Michigan State University, are thrilled to announce this week that they have been awarded US patent no. 10,753,779 for a mass flow meter that measures water flow and energy use in heating/cooling systems.

e-flow hydronic pumping controls

Vytau K. Virskus Awarded Patent for On-Demand Hydronic Pumping Control System

E~flow is a mathematical algorithm that uses building energy demand as the primary control variable to slow down or speed up a hydronic pump through a variable speed control thereby increasing or decreasing volume flow. The E~flow control process is compatible with any off-the-shelf variable speed drive and has been proven to reduce energy cost by eliminating over-pumping, optimize instantaneous energy delivery to a system or load and minimize incremental electric and/or thermal energy waste.